Public spaces affect our physical, psychological and and emotional well-being and contribute to our sense of community.

A public space is a place that is accessible to the public at anytime of day such as parks, plazas and yes, even roads and sidewalks. They contribute to our sense of well-being and a feeling of community. At CDS we are passionate about keeping parks and public spaces in great condition so that they can be enjoyed by all stakeholders; from the youngest to the oldest and those with diverse needs. We manage and coordinate all aspects of public space management including park/streetscape planning and construction, facilities and asset management, landscaping, cleaning and public safety.

Cleaner disinfecting bench
Park Landscaping 1
Colgate Ambassadors at National Greene Park (NGP)
Park Landscaping 2
Basketball Clinic at NGP
Mulberry Commons Night
Nighttime Ambassador
Ping-pong Players
Ambassador Team
Fountain Play
Maintenance Team