Clean Team Ambassador

Clean Team Ambassador

This position is one that is primarily outdoors, requires a disciplined mindset and attention to time management. CDS is looking for a capable and enthusiastic individual to serve as a Clean Team Ambassador.

Job Skills/Requirements

This is a hands-on position responsible for:

  • Litter removal from public areas, such as: sidewalks curb-lines and parking lots using manual tools and equipment
  • Maintenance of public amenities and utilities including:
  • Graffiti, poster and sticker removal from public amenities and utilities such as telephone boxes, light poles, benches, trash cans and building facades * Landscape maintenance and planting, including:
  • Pruning, trimming and cutting bushes, shrubs, trees and weeds through the use of mechanical and manual tools, such as hedge trimmers, weed-wackers and loppers
  • Weed inhibition on sidewalks and around plantings
  • Watering plantings through the use of hoses and a mobile watering unit or fire hydrant connection * The removal of grease and gum from sidewalks with a hot water pressure cleaner
  • Painting curb-lines, light poles, public utilities and mail boxes
  • Removing banners and hardware from light poles when they present a hazardous situation

Other Skills/Requirements

  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • Pass motor vehicle and criminal background checks
  • Evidence a solid work ethic and verifiable work history
  • Have the ability to use a computer, the Internet and email services
  • Experience in security industries are a plus

Desired Skills

  • Valid NJ Drivers License and a good driving record
  • High School or equivalent

    Please fill out the following on-line application. A CDS representative will contact you for an interview.